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October 11th 2014 11am-5pm

This is going to be a fantastic event of stalls, activities and presentations thoroughout the day on a variety of wildlife related topics! It will be a great celebration of our local wildlife and how valuable it is and of the groups and volunteers across East Sussex and beyond who work tirelessly to help protect, save and conserve our amazing local wildlife. » Read more

Volunteers from the Sussex Badger Vaccination Project have been out vaccinating the first badgers to be vaccinated against Bovine Tb in East Sussex. Two badgers have been caught and vaccinated on land belonging to the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust, as well as two at a residential garden in Oakwood Drive, Uckfield. » Read more

Volunteers from the Sussex Badger Vaccination Project (SBVP) have been busy over the past week pre-baiting and now the first traps have been moved into place at a location near Uckfield, East Sussex.

“This is great news for Sussex’s badgers and cattle. Bovine tuberculosis is a huge problem for farmers and this is such a positive way forward in the fight against it.   After doing some initial survey work earlier this year and working out the key target areas, we have been undertaking the pre-baiting by placing peanuts down, which helps us identify the best locations to trap and vaccinate on the land” explained Project director Kate Edmonds from the Sussex Badger Vaccination Project. » Read more

An ambulance service has been inundated with calls to road casualties across East Sussex in the past month and very few of the patients have survived the horrendous injuries and wounds they have suffered. These are not human casualties however, but wildlife casualties. » Read more

Three local MPs have added their voices to the growing call to support badger vaccination in the fight against bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in the East Sussex area.

During meetings last week in Westminster, members of the Sussex Badger Vaccination Project received strong endorsement of their approach from Brighton MPs, Simon Kirby (Con, Kemptown) and Caroline Lucas (Green, Pavilion), as well as Wealden MP (Con), Charles Hendry. All three gave their backing to this approach as preferable to the government's current strategy in endemic areas of badger culling. » Read more

Farmers in East Sussex may be pleased to know that they can now choose to have badgers on their land vaccinated against bovine TB following the recent establishment of the Sussex Badger Vaccination Project, after five local volunteer passed the Badger Vaccination Training Course run by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency in Gloucestershire. » Read more

Rescuers rushed to the aid of two baby badgers after they were attacked by a dog on Sunday 14 April. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) attended on site and found the two badgers at the field edge.

Rescuer Kathy Martyn had to be very patient in trying to coax them out. The frightened badgers were underweight, dehydrated and suffering from skin problems too. Local residents had reported the badgers wandering around chasing people walking in the field, until a dog slipped its lead and attacked them. » Read more

WRAS’s current Casualty Care Unit is a single room about 6 metres by 4 metres in size and can accommodate up to 27 casualties. This all too frequently is full or the larger cages suitable for Badgers and Foxes are full restricting when can be accommodated. WRAS is now looking at expanding into a new unit within the same building as the current unit at Whitesmith which is approximately 5-6 times the size. » Read more

East Sussex will lose one of its most loved wild animals in the county if the NFU and DEFRA decide to issue a license to kill thousands of badger across East Sussex, centred on the Ouse and Cuckmere valleys.

The 2002 Saltdean Badger Campaigner and local wildlife rescuer, Trevor Weeks, is joining and supporting a campaign to stop this badger cull from going ahead. The campaign is launched by Badger Trust Sussex, and Trevor says this campaign is vital to stop DEFRA from undertaking another wasted slaughter of badgers using tax payers money. » Read more