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A deer had to be rescued on the Uckfield railway line at approximately 1am this morning (Thursday 4th July 2013). The male roe deer or buck had baler twine caught round its antlers and neck, which was also attached to a piece of wood caught at the edge of the railway line about 20-30 metres away from the Hempstead lane crossing at Uckfield, in East Sussex. » Read more

Rescuers have been left stunned and shocked after dealing with two severely injured dog attacked baby deer in 3 days. Volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out to Earls Down (between Battle and Heathfield) on Tuesday after a retriever caught a fallow deer fawn and again on Thursday to a fawn which was caught in stock fencing and then attacked by a Labradoodle dog just south of Dallington (again between Battle and Heathfield). In the past month they have also had 3 other incidents to deal with too. » Read more

Rescuers were called out to a potentially dangerous deer rescue in a field at Cackle Street, near Uckfield, East Sussex on Saturday (28th July 2012) night. The deer would have starved to death if rescuers had not found the deer and helped it in time.

Volunteer rescuers from Polegate, Uckfield and Chelwood Gate rushed to the aid of an adult male fallow deer with its antlers caught in electric rope. "When we received the call it was clear from the caller that deer was seriously stuck and in need of urgent help. This is the second deer which we have had to rescue at this location caught in rope. When we arrived the deer was exhausted and had been running back and forth trying to get free but sadly just getting more and more entangled. The deer would try running away and then flip over and land on his back quite violently as the rope reached its limit. It was very distressing to see, but as a rescuer you have to put your emotions aside and concentrate on the job at hand" explained rescuer co-ordinator Trevor Weeks MBE. » Read more

Veterinary ambulances from Uckfield and Polegate rushed to the aid of an adult male fallow deer caught by its antlers in strands of rope from an electric fence today. Volunteer rescuers Trevor Weeks (Uckfield), Tony Neads (Polegate) and Kate Cuddis (Hove) and Plumpton College Student Zoe Langley (who lives in Lewes and is on a work experience placement) attended on site but what faced them was a much more dangerous situation that was first thought. » Read more

A wildlife rescue charity is urging members of the public about the dangers of ligature wounds after dealing with what they describe as "one of the worse cases of misguided care they have ever seen involving a baby deer".

On Friday 7th October a member of the public found a 5 week old fallow deer caught in barbed wire fencing near Ardingly in Sussex, they took the deer home and because they couldn't see much external damage they decided to try and treat and rear the animal at home in a stable. » Read more

Volunteer rescuers from Uckfield and Polegate rushed to the aid of a young juvenile female roe deer caught in stock fencing in Abbots Wood, Arlington near Hailsham on Saturday morning.

Several dog walkers discovered the young deer weighing about 18kg caught in stock fencing in the popular Abbots Wood. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) send the local ambulance from Polegate to the scene and despatched the specialist large animal ambulance from Uckfield too. » Read more

Sussex based charity has launched an appeal to help save the lives of injured deer, many of which are attacked by dogs, caught in stock fencing and entangled in netting or rope swings.

If we can't get this hospital off the ground hundreds of deer will die a needless death" said WRAS founder Trevor Weeks. » Read more

Volunteer rescuers are describing the birth of a baby deer as nothing short of a miracle after its mum's horrendous ordeal.

Button the miracle baby fallow deer rescued in October 2009 by East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), who despite the odds, survived after being cut free from stock fencing which caused a nasty ligature wound around her stomach, was born 3 months later than normal, suffered from haemorrhagic enteritis, died and was resuscitated and lost the tips of her ears due to frost bite/hypothermia; has survived and now amazingly given birth to her own baby deer! » Read more