Memory Tree

Every now and then we get a legacy and more frequently donations in the post via a funeral director where money has been collected for our charity at a funeral instead of flowers or a collection has taken place. We find it really touching that at such a sad time people think highly enough of our humble charity to choose us to make donations.

We have wanted for a while to honour those people. In January 2018, in our reception we erected a “Memory Tree” on the wall, where leaves are being placed to remember those people.

These donations are invaluable and make a huge difference in keeping our service on the road so this is the least we can do to say thank you and remember those who, like us, loved wildlife.

Every time we receive donations totalling £25 or more via a funeral directors or receive donations in memory of someone in the post or online, we will place a leaf on the memory tree with their name on. 

We welcome family and friends to visit (by appointment) to see the leaf in reception once created. Please be aware that we occasionally have to restrict access to reception if Avian Influenza or another such risk in present in the community. 

For more information please contact us on 01825-873003.

You can donate in memory of a friend or loved one by clicking here:

For information about legacies please click here.

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