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Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue were called down to Eastbourne after staff at the Suzuki Garage by Whitley Road railway bridge noticed a young deer caught in the fencing.

Duty Rescue Co-ordinator Ellie Langridge and Care Team member Holly Davis were the first on the scene and called in support from WRAS founder Trevor Weeks and rescuer Ollie Long. WRAS's vet Mike Symons also attended on site as the deer was going to need sedating. » Read more

Rescuers this morning were called to Fernley Park in Uckfield after a mum and 6 ducklings became trapped in a garden. They must have nested somewhere in the garden but had no way of getting out and to a pond. The only way for them to walk out of the garden was to go through a garage and out onto the street before wandering to one of three local ponds. Rescuers Thea Taylor and Ellie Langridge slowly and gently encouraged them towards the garage but mum was very reluctant to enter the garage. "With the other garage door wide open to the street, so mum could see she could get through, we were able to get a rather reluctant mum into the garage. The ducklings needed a bit of help getting in, but were soon following mum" said rescuer Ellie. Once in the garage mum was quick to walk through and out onto the street, where rescuer Trevor Weeks was already at the road side keeping an eye out for traffic. "She very quickly crossed the road and walked into a small close, before heading off across the grass to a wooded stream" said Ellie. Mum and 6 ducklings were soon under a fence and further down the stream to a wooded pond on the edge of the house estate. "It is never easy to know where mum will want to walk her young, and it is never a good idea to jump to the conclusion that the nearest pond is where she is heading, or when your back is turned she will walk off and potentially get run over. So where possible we always let mum walk to wherever she wants to go" explained Trevor Weeks WRAS's Rescue Co-ordinator. "Trying to get mum and ducklings through a garage is always challenging and sometimes mum will point blankly refuse to go through, but on this occasion she was fairly co-operative so we could help her get safely to the pond". » Read more

This afternoon (Tuesday 30th June 2020) WRAS's staff, vets and volunteers have had to deal with a horrendous case of a hedgehog which managed to get into a pot of glue in a shed in Eastbourne. Staff tried their best to remove the glue but the hedgehog was so badly covered that it just became mission impossible to remove it all. The glue was inside the poor creatures mouth, around its genitals, between toes, all over the stomach, and in between the spines. Our vet was also very concerned about the hedgehog's poor breathing due to the toxic fumes. Staff tried removing the glue, with various cleaning agents, but there was just too much glue in too many tight spaces to remove it without causing the poor animal suffering. We have some very upset staff at the centre this afternoon as a result. » Read more

Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out by staff from Eastbourne College after a fox was found with its head stuck in a plastic drain surround.

Rescuers Trevor Weeks and Ellie Langridge attended on site where luckily the fox was contained behind some hoarding from recent construction work.  The college Security unscrewed the hoarding to allow rescuers to gain access to the fox. » Read more

Traffic had to be stopped and the road closed for about 5 minutes this afternoon whilst rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) helped a duck and 10 ducklings.

Lunchtime Friday 19th June, residents of the Barley Mow static caravan park called WRAS when a female mallard duck and 10 ducklings started wandering towards the main road. » Read more

Over the last 12 months, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue (WRAS) staff and volunteers have been working exceptionally hard. In 2019 the charity dealt with over 3960 casualties!

This year the team have continued to work just as hard, and despite the Coronavirus they have managed to help over 620 people in May alone, up on last year, by looking for ways to overcome restrictions, mitigate risks, and stay safe. Thank you everyone who has helped deliver casualties and used our drop off service. Our funding is taking a hit and running costs have increased, so any financial help would be extremely appreciated. You can make a donation on our website by clicking here or click on the donate button on our facebook page. » Read more

Do you remember a few weeks ago we had an urgent rescue were WRAS rescuers had to use two boats to catch loads of little ducklings after their mum was found dead in Haywards Heath? Well watch this video and see the difference in them now! What an amazing job our Care Team and volunteers have done looking after them. Watch to the end and see them excitedly play in the water pleased to be back home - it won't fail to make you smile! This is what your support and donations help us achieve, so thank you for all your continued support over the difficult past few months. » Read more