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Rescuers are investigating reports of oil in streams behind Tollgate School and Leeds Avenue, Eastbourne today (25th Feb 2021).

Two swan have come into East Sussex WRAS's care with small amounts of what looks and smells like a fuel oil on their feathers, but mainly around their rear and a bit on their necks. This oil destroys their natural waterproofing and will need to be cleaned off. » Read more

Yesterday WRAS rescuer Mark was called to Eastbourne town centre to take a look at a gull that seemed to be trapped in netting on the roof opposite Specsavers.

After viewing through binoculars to confirm that the gull was actually trapped, he called the fire service for assistance, due to the height. WRAS transit ambulances do carry ladders but nothing this tall. » Read more

Over the last 24 hours we have had several calls about guillemots on the Sussex coastline, as well as reports of a few dead birds on the beaches too. If anyone is out and about and wants to take a walk it would be useful to do so on the beach just in case there are any ashore and in need of help, especially the quieter more secluded beaches. » Read more

East Sussex WRAS received several calls from members of the public at Hampden Park's Decoy Pond, after the parent swans started attacking their remaining cygnet from last year.

This is a natural phenomena for them to attack and chase of their previous young and can take place any when from October through to February. In the wild they would naturally fly off and find a non-territorial flock or their own piece of water to set up residence. Unfortunately in some park ponds the young are reluctant to fly off due to the feeding and abundance of food. This can lead to the cygnets getting seriously beaten up, injured and put into life threatening situations like being chased across roads. » Read more

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2021 is East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Services 25th year since it was established as a voluntary group in 1996.

After the success of our 2020 Virtual Run we have decided to run another.

We would love your help in raising money for East Sussex WRAS by taking part in our virtual run again this year. Entry is £12.50 + eventbrite fees. » Read more

On Thursday 21st January East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) received an unusual call regarding a badger which had fallen into a hole dug for gas works in Little Common.

By the time WRAS was contacted late on Thursday evening, the badger had already dug himself a tunnel into the side wall of the trench, now out of reach and sight of rescuers. » Read more