Press releases

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"I am reaching out to share my concerns about how we will manage this spring and summer and to seek your assistance" said Trevor Weeks MBE WRAS Founder & Operations Director.

In 2023, we experienced an 18% increase in the number of casualties we handled, totalling nearly 6000, making it our busiest year on record. More than half of the mammals we treated are on the Vulnerable Conservation list, and 52% of the birds are listed as Red or Amber by the RSPB, indicating a decline in their populations. This surge strained all our resources to the maximum, coinciding with a decrease in our fundraising income. Regrettably, we anticipate similar challenges for 2024. » Read more

As we enter the spring season, more young wild animals and birds will start to emerge. While feeding wildlife can be a heart-warming experience that brings joy to many, it can sometimes have unintended consequences for our wildlife.

Feeding wildlife can be a valuable educational tool, teaching children to appreciate nature's beauty. However, it is essential to also instil respect for these animals in their natural wild state to prevent conflicts and avoid domestication. » Read more

Is this one of the reasons why we are finding oiled seabirds at the moment?

This container has been pulled up above the high tide mark and reported to the authorities to investigate this morning.

East Sussex WRAS is urging all sea faring vessels to ensure such containers are kept secure on vessels whilst at sea to ensure environmental damage is avoided. The recent spate of oiled seabirds along the Kent and Sussex coastline is continuing with two more found yesterday - one at Birling Gap and one at Peacehaven - both now in care. » Read more

The East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) is reaching out to the public for help in identifying oil-covered guillemots on the beaches of East Sussex. In recent days, WRAS has encountered several of these seabirds in the Bexhill, Cooden Beach, Rottingdean and Brighton area, and is urging individuals to report any sightings for assistance. » Read more

Saturday 17th February is Random Act of Kindness Day and people are being asked to make random act of kindness by helping their local wildlife rescue.

Wildlife Rescue organizations nationwide are among the most underfunded and least invested in. Compared to various other types of organizations, they have very limited funding sources and heavily depend on public support. » Read more