Press releases

This ground-breaking event will include over 100 performers, storytellers, keynote speakers, wildlife presenters, scientists, documentary makers from over 25 countries. SwitchOn Global Telethon presents a non-stop 25-hour online event created to unite the world through stories and songs, to raise awareness and funds for some of the world’s most endangered species.  To celebrate World Environment Day, Go Kid Music joins forces with more than 25 countries and artists around the world in a global online event, SwitchOn Global Telethon, on Saturday 5th June.   » Read more

Rescuers Lisa and Sandra were called out to a gull entangled in netting on a warehouse roof along Lottbridge Drove Eastbourne this morning.

On arrival they could see the gull hanging with netting entangled around its body and legs.

Using our rescue ladders Sandra was able to climb up to the gull and but the netting was right down under the feathers. She had no choice but to cut a square of netting from the already damaged netting in order to bring the bird down to the ground. » Read more

Yesterday rescuers Ellie and Julie were called to Maresfield after a mum and ducklings were discovered wandering around a close. When they arrived they were told the mum had nine ducklings but on counting them one was missing.

Rescuers searched the area and soon found the lost duckling down a drain. Rescuers were unable to lift the drain cover so used a padded net to rescue the duckling and lift it back to safety. He was quickly reintroduced to his mum and siblings who were now in the callers rear garden. » Read more

Veterinary Surgeon Job Description.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) has a new and exciting Veterinary Surgeon role becoming available to join our team of staff and volunteers based in the centre of East Sussex. You will need to be efficient, strong, confident, kind and must be passionate about wildlife welfare from pigeons to peregrines and from dormice to deer. You will be working alongside dedicated staff and volunteers who form our veterinary supervised Care Team, Rescuers and Care Assistants. We are looking for someone who is forward thinking, open minded, a team builder, good at working with volunteers, encouraging and enthusiastic to help expand our charity and its ability to help the wildlife of East Sussex. » Read more

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) received a call about a gannet on the breakwater at Splashpoint Seaford this afternoon (20th May 2021) with possible fishing line wrapped round its leg.

WRAS rescuers Lisa Turner and Sandra Furner attended on site in one of WRAS’s Veterinary Ambulances, but were unable to find the bird on or around the breakwater.  They searched along the beach as well but couldn’t find the gannet anywhere. » Read more

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

Being close to nature can play such an important part of our mental health. Many of our vital volunteers perform their roles within our charity to help them improve or keep on top of their mental health.

Working at a rescue centre may not be suitable for you, but there are other ways you can play your part. We are urging everyone to take a moment this week to go or a walk, visit your local park, walk along a river or your local beach. At the same time take a bag with you and spend five minutes picking up any litter you find. Or you might want to build a bird table or plant some wild flowers or fruit bushes to help feed the local wildlife. » Read more