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Volunteers at East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) are asking people to be more supportive and understanding during the busy spring and summer season after a spate of rude and abusive calls.

Trevor Weeks founder of East Sussex WRAS who mans the rescue line 24 hours a day almost 365 days a year said "It is getting very difficult to cope with the calls coming in at this time of year, and despite trying our best to deal with as much as we can and help as many people as we can, it is financially and physically impossible for us to help everyone and deal with all calls. Getting abusive, being rude, accusing us of being uncaring, or trying to use emotional blackmail, threatening to complain to local MPs or the Charities Commission really doesn't help. Finding a wildlife casualty is stressful and we try our best to help take in what we can or guide people toward other organisations which might be able to help." » Read more