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Rescuers have been left stunned and shocked after dealing with two severely injured dog attacked baby deer in 3 days. Volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out to Earls Down (between Battle and Heathfield) on Tuesday after a retriever caught a fallow deer fawn and again on Thursday to a fawn which was caught in stock fencing and then attacked by a Labradoodle dog just south of Dallington (again between Battle and Heathfield). In the past month they have also had 3 other incidents to deal with too. » Read more

A dog attacked deer had to be rushed to specialist vet in Buckinghamshire last night (5 October) by volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

At about 7.30pm last night (5 October) a Crowborough resident noticed a deer at the side of their house in Coopers Lane. WRAS rescuers were on site within the hour and had the young roe deer contained. One of the organisations veterinary ambulances from Eastbourne was dispatched to help with the deer. » Read more

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service WRAS is appealing to cat and dog owners to be more careful with their pets after dealing with three badly injured casualties in less than 24 hours.

Yesterday (Monday 21st July 2009) WRAS was called to two bats which had been attacked by cats. The first was a Brown Long-eared Bat found at Framfield, which was luckily bruised with a few nasty cuts and rips to the wing membranes. The second was a Natterers Bat found at Westmeston was handed into Cliff Vets at Lewes. WRAS rescuer Trevor Weeks and Kathy Martyn attended and checked both bats over before delivering them to Jenny Clark at the Sussex Bat Hospital at Forest Row. Unfortunately the Natterers Bat had an badly injured leg and foot and had to be euthanised. » Read more