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Joint Press Statement from British Divers Marine Life Rescue and East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service.

A seal was reported on the beach on Sunday 28th April just east of the Hope Gap Steps, which are located just west of the Cuckmere Haven at Seaford. The initial report was of a healthy seal sunning itself. A second report came in half an hour later reporting a 4ft seal injured on the beach with blood on its rear flippers . I attended on site after speaking to BDMLR's Out-of-Hours Co-ordinator. On arrival we found Sussex Police on site due to concerns for public safety. We were rather surprised to find a 7ft long 250kg adult grey seal which do not normally haul out on the East Sussex coast line. The seal was also a long way from the tide and had hauled out at the high tide mark which is unusual for an adult. Unable to get a vet on site Sunday night, the seal was monitored till dark for the animal's and public safety, and volunteer medics returned at first light on 29th April where after a search of the area was found quarter of a mile west of the steps at Hope Gap. » Read more