Another possibly kicked Hedeghog in Lewes

Less than a week after a kicked hedgehog was rescued in the public area of Uckfield Community College, another hedgehog has been found in Lewes which has possibly been kicked too!

At 8.15am today students from Priory School in Lewes phoned East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) to report their discovery. Trevor Weeks rushed to the scene whilst the students keep the poorly hedgehog safe on a footpath next to the footpath bridge just east of Lewes Railway Station. On arrival Trevor found a hedgehog with blood coming out of his nose and left eye and swelling to his head and nose, damage to one ear as well as other swelling and bruising.

"Although we can't be 100% sure, this hedgehog has been kicked the injuries are unusual for a road casualty or from being attacked by a predator. The hedgehog has been found away from roads and on a footpath." Said Trevor Weeks, "this is the second hedgehog which has been kicked in less than a week."

East Sussex WRAS are delighted with the help and caring nature of the students from Priory School in Lewes. "These girls should be congratulated for their concern and for stopping to help this defenseless little creature." said Trevor, who phoned Priory School to warn the school that the students would be late in as a result.

"This really restores your faith in students and young people today, when you hear so many stories about yobs and vandals, here you have several youngsters who are genuinely caring people and a great example to others of compassion" said Trevor.

"The hedgehog is now under treatment and observations. We hope that she has not suffered much internal damage. We will closely monitor her and hope that she will pull through. Fingers crossed. She clearly can't smell properly because of the blood in her nose and the swelling, it not nice to see a hedgehog like this and you really feel for them, and of course being covered in spines they are not easy to assess and treat" said WRAS carer Kathy Martyn from Uckfield.

WRAS is urging anyone who sees someone kicking or being cruel to a hedgehog to dial 999 and report it to the police and say that the offenders are still on site.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, Director, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958

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