Behind the scenes volunteers needed to help WRAS

East Sussex’s best known wildlife rescue charity is appealing for volunteers not to help with rescues, but to help behind the scenes with the organisation and running of the charity. East Sussex WRAS is looking for volunteers who love animals but who are unable to help with rescues, to get involved with record keeping, organising events and co-ordination of other volunteers within the organisation.

"Unlike most wildlife charities which deal with 2-3,000 incidents a year we do not have full time paid staff" said Trevor Weeks, founder of WRAS, " if you look at Secret World and other such centres they are all run by paid staff. All our volunteers genuinely care and are dedicated to helping animals but we need to find a few people who can give over a couple of hours a day or one day a week or so to help with record keeping, helping to organise events and co-ordinating volunteers rotas as well as other help where they can. These roles are not glamorous like the rescue roles but they are important and an essential life saving part of the charities work."

WRAS has expanded rapidly over the past few years WRAS’s service has grown and grown. "We are finding our workload is bigger mainly due to the a steady increase in casualties but also due to a couple of rescue centres closing further field which has had a knock on affect to out neighbouring rescue centres who we used to work for now saying they can not take on casualties from us as they are full. This has forced us to use our casualty care centre more as a hospital and we are now treating and rehabilitating ovber 150 casualties a month via our Care Centre and releasing them where possible. This is the first time we have had to undertake the rehabilitation of wildlife casualties on this scale."

Trevor Weeks, started undertaking wildlife rescue work back in 1985 when at college by jumping on the bus to Brighton and walking the coast looking for oiled birds during the school holidays and them taking them to a Meta Mann who ran the Seaford Bird Hospital. Trevor then started getting called out by the Fox Project, Swan Sanctuary, Bat Group, local Badger Groups and various individuals who also run little rescue centre. This has gone full circle that now members of the public call out Trevor and the other WRAS volunteers and WRAS is unable to get casualties in to these rescue centres as they too as now so busy and full.

"I would like to be able to work full time for WRAS but I need to work part time to pay by rent and eat" said Trevor, "so we are looking for volunteers to help me with various roles like co-ordinating volunteers, organising events and helping enter the casualties records and dealing with issues like newsletters and mailings etc. Not everyone is able to help with rescue work but they still care about animals this is their chance to help in a big way and help keep our valuable service on the road."

Anyone wishing to help should email Trevor or phone him via the rescue line on 07815 078234 where Trevor will call you back.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958

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