Entangled Gull Rescued at Lewes Priory

Rescuers were called out by grounds staff to the football pitches by Lewes Priory on Tuesday 5th April 2022.

A gull had become entangled in the netting of a football goal and become stuck. The more the gull struggled the tighter the gull became entangled.
Rescuer Ellie Langridge attended on site with work placement students from Plumpton College and was able to cut the gull free.

"The gull was well entangled and very lucky he or she was at ground level or the poor bird would potentially have damaged to its wing" said Ellie.
It took several long minutes to cut the netting away and disentangle the gull from the netting.

Once free the bird was taken back to WRAS's Casualty Centre at Whitesmith where the bird was admitted to monitor for invisible ligature wounds.

"Any casualty which has had line or netting applying pressure on any part of the body, should be taken into care for observation as the pressure can cause an invisible injured under the skin which can take 48 hours or more to appear" said Ellie.

The gull is currently in care and on track to making a full recovery.

The gull will be returned to Lewes Priory for release once fit and well again.

East Sussex WRAS is an award winning community charity which relies on donation to help fund is rescue, ambulance, hospitalisation and rehabilitation service. If you would like to help fund these sorts of rescues please head to our website to make a donation.

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