Fire Brigade help WRAS rescue gull on roof

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service helped rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) to free a gull trapped and injured on a roof of a residental home in Hailsham this morning.

Grange Mead contacted WRAS at 7.30am this morning after noticing a gull caught in netting by their chimney. WRAS rescuer Tony Neads was on site within 30 minutes and decided WRAS’s ladders were not good enough, so assistance from the Fire Brigade was necessary.

"Hailsham Fire Brigade were on site quickly and professionally erected their ladders and helped free the bird from the roof" said Tony Neads, " this bird would have died without their assistance so we really appreciate their help and support."

The gull was taken to the Horsebridge vets with wounds to its wing.

Another gull was also caught in the netting from a goal at Bishop Bell School this morning too. Whilst the Hailsham rescue was taking place, WRAS rescuer Bill Pike was cutting a gull free from the goal netting in the school playing field.

"This bird was much better than the Hailsham one and I was able to release it uninjured and watch it fly off" said Bill Pike.

WRAS would like to thank East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service for their help and support.

WRAS is asking owners of building with bird netting to ensure that the netting is properly installed and taut with no gaps or breaks or birds will become trapped and injured. "Netting can be very useful but unfortunately it is not always maintained or erected properly. We advise people to only use pest control companies which are registered with the British Pest Control Association to ensure a good standard of work when erecting bird deterents." said Trevor Weeks, "WRAS is also asking schools and other organisations to remove goal netting, electrical fencing and other similar materials after a spate of wildlife being caught in netting. Last week WRAS was called to a deer caught in the netting from a goal at a school at Tunbridge Wells."

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958 (private)

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