Fox cub rescued from chain link fence

A young fox has been rescued after getting its head stuck in chain link fencing in a garden in Ardingly, Sussex. Member of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called in to help a local wildlife rescue who were not able to attend.

On site rescuers had to secure the cub and hold it safe whilst being cut free from the wire of the chain link fence, whilst also trying to cut it free through some wooden trellis.

The 8 week old fox cub is thought to have been stuck for about 12 hours.

The cub was taken back to East Sussex WRAS's Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith in East Sussex, where a ligature wound to the cubs neck is now being treated. The charity expects the fox to make a full recovery and will eventually be released back into the wild.

"This cub is luckily to be alive, if it had been caught for much longer there would have been more permanent damage to its neck. We will work hard to repairing the damage and given a few weeks within our hospital the cub should fit and well again" said Trevor Weeks.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks - East Sussex WRAS: 07931-523958

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