Gull Chick Reunited with Parents in Seaford

Another busy day!

An amazing effort is being made by all the organisations across East Sussex under some very difficult circumstances with Avian Flu in parts of Sussex and problems will high numbers of gull deaths along the coast.

To try and keep us all upbeat, we are helping as many as we can, and the best part is when you can reunite a fallen gull chick to its parents so it doesn't become orphaned.

Please support your local wildlife rescue, they are some of the most underfunded organisations working on small budgets.

A simple standing order for as little as £1 a month can make a huge difference in whether the charitable organisation can stay open or not.

East Sussex WRAS is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

Donations can be made on our facebook page or website or by calling 01825873003.

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