Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

Being close to nature can play such an important part of our mental health. Many of our vital volunteers perform their roles within our charity to help them improve or keep on top of their mental health.

Working at a rescue centre may not be suitable for you, but there are other ways you can play your part. We are urging everyone to take a moment this week to go or a walk, visit your local park, walk along a river or your local beach. At the same time take a bag with you and spend five minutes picking up any litter you find. Or you might want to build a bird table or plant some wild flowers or fruit bushes to help feed the local wildlife.

So this Mental Health Awareness Week, lets all do something positive for our minds, our bodies and the minds and bodies of our local wildlife.

For more ideas and suggestions or to support our charity please visit our website

Other way you could help wildlife this Mental Health Awareness Weeks:

  • Remove shopping trolleys and old bikes from a local stream.
  • Litter pick around your home, street or local park.
  • Plant bulbs or flowers to help insects and beetles find food.
  • Make log piles for the smaller wildlife to shelter and make homes.
  • Plant fruit bushes or vegetable to provide natural and sustainable food for your local wildlife.
  • Make a paper mache bird bath and seal it with an wildlife friendly water proof paint so it holds water.
  • Make some home made fat balls for the birds.
  • Build a hedgehogs house, bird or bat box.
  • Create a shallow wildlife friendly pond.
  • Organise a beach clean.
  • Volunteer for your local wildlife rescue.
  • The list is endless...

If you are interested in volunteering at WRAS have a read about the roles available on our volunteering page, we hope to start recruiting volunteers again very soon.

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