Pregnant Deer caught in Stock Fencing – Burwash, East Sussex

WRAS rescuers were called out to a deer reported to be caught in stock fencing at Burwash Weald, near Heathfield on Wednesday 10th May 2007.

Teams from Eastbourne and Uckfield were sent to the scene which was about a miles walk from the roadside. The female Roe deer had its right back leg strung up in the air where the barbed wire from the top of the fence had caught on the hoof and twisted trapping the deer. The poor deer had then struggled so much that her body ended up going underneath the fence.

The deer was cut free and placed onto a stretcher and carried most of the way back to the road. Luckily enough rescuers managed to reverse one of the cars down a very narrow dirt track to help carry the deer the rest of the journey, back to the waiting ambulance.

The deer was then taken to Brown and Nuttle vets at Heathfield, where her leg was checked over. It was not thought to be broken nor dislocated. However it was discovered she was pregnant and you could see the young moving around inside her.

It was decided, after advice from St Tiggywinkles Deer Unit, to place the deer into a stable at the Sussex Horse Rescue and leave her 24 hours to see if she would regain the use of her leg and attempt to stand.

The following morning, she had made numerous attempts to stand, but was still unable and had just worn away the bedding beneath her. Rescuers will make a decision at 1.30pm today (Thursday 11th May) as to whether she is fit to travel to St Tiggywinkles for specialist help and care.

"I hate these types of incidents as you have to try an balance the welfare of not just the adult deer but the welfare of the baby too" said Rescue Co-ordinator Trevor Weeks, "This happens frequently and I wish there was an alternative to stock and wire fencing. This poor animal was probably caught for over 5 hours and I hope that she and her baby survive, fingers crossed, we will know at 1.30pm today if she needs the specialist help of St Tiggywinkles."

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Press Contacts: Trevor Weeks - 07931 523958 (private) and Alec Anscombe - 07974 085 950 (private)

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