Seal spotted in Cuckmere River

Rescue organisations have received numerous calls to a seal in the river Cuckmere. People concerned about the animals welfare have phoned British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

Six calls were received over the weekend and several over the past week too.

Trevor Weeks National Co-ordinator of BDMLR as well as Rescue Co-ordinator for WRAS, said "This seal has been out for at least a week now and may even be the same seal we checked on a few weeks ago. The seal is a Harbour Seal and not a Grey Seal as thought by some people. We have a history of seals coming up rivers on our coastline and normally they are fit and healthy. They are just following their food source up river on the high tides."

BDMLR’s Sussex and Surrey Regional Co-ordinator Sharon Gisby attended at the weekend to check on the seal and discovered the seal to be in fine health, "the seal was hauled out when we attended and appeared healthy, not underweight and no sign of injuries. We will monitor the seal but if anyone is concerned about the seal's health then please do not hesitate to contact BDMLR or WRAS if you don’t have our number to hand."

BDMLR is the UK’s leading marine animal rescue charity and based in Uckfield with thousands of medics based round the country.

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Press Contacts: Trevor Weeks, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue - 07931 523958 (private) and Tony Woodley, BDMLR Press Officer - 07723 054 020.

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