Sponsored Slim for Wildlife Ambulance Service

Volunteer rescuers Bill Pike and Trevor Weeks are trying to raise pounds by losing pounds in weight for wildlife. From 1 May to 1 August 2008, they will both be trying to lose as much weight as possible. Bill’s first weigh-in was 19st 3 and Trevor was 16st 1.

Bill has been helping volunteer with East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) for the past three years and has been told by his doctor he needs to lose weight. Trevor as the founder of WRAS has been volunteering since 1985 and has recently been diagnosed as having genetically high blood pressure.

"The stress of managing WRAS and my weight does not help my blood pressure so I really need to change my life style so I don’t end up having a heart attack" said Trevor, "the couple of years I have been ill with problems relating to my blood pressure and also recently been diagnosed as suffering from a vertigo type of migraine headache which we think is related to the lack of sleep which I normally experience during the busy rescue season, where calls come in from 7am or earlier through to midnight or later. I can’t help the animals if I don’t start looking after myself a bit more."

WRAS has seen an increase in its workload so far this year being up by at least 350 incidents on this time last year. Trevor is now helped out by a number of volunteers like Bill and many other which are helping to cover the busy workload. WRAS as seen its vets bills and running expenses increase dramatically over the past few years due to the workload and lack of available space in regional rescue centres forcing WRAS to start its own rehabilitation and care unit at Horsebridge.

If you want to help sponsor Trevor or Bill you can do so by donating money via our donation page. Trevor will keep readers informed of how the sponsored slim is going via the website and his weekly column in the Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford Gazette.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958
Bill Pike, East Sussex WRAS, 07966 521982

Photo call: Bill Pike and Trevor Weeks will be at Horsebridge Vets on Tuesday 20th May at 10.30am for a photo call using the veterinary scales at Horsebridge Veterinary Practice. For further information please contact Trevor on the above number.

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