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A badger cub only a few weeks old was picked up after trying to suckle up to a dog in a garden in Hastings on Bank Holiday Monday. The badger cub was rescued by volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) who took it into care at Eastbourne. » Read more

Yesterday (29 April) saw volunteer rescuers dedicate 22 hours continuously from 6.30am till 4.30am this morning undertaking rescues!

At 6.30am yesterday morning WRAS received a call about a baby badger which had fallen down an embankment wall into a garden in Hastings and could not climb back out. Trevor Weeks Rescue Co-ordinator for WRAS attended on site at about 7.30am to find a young badger very lively running round the garden franticly trying to get out. The badger promptly hid behind a shed which make capture very difficult. » Read more