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Hedgehog Awareness Week is organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and takes place every year. It aims to highlight the problems hedgehogs face and how you can help them, lots of tips to make sure our prickly friends stay safe can be found on the Society's website. » Read more

Trevor Weeks Founder of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service received a call from Brazil early this morning.

"I was asleep when I got the call early this morning and was surprised when the foreign sounding lady who could speak English better than my Portuguese, started asking me about hedgehogs?" said Trevor. » Read more


Volunteer rescuers are getting fed up of not knowing for sure what is going on with movement restrictions due to the Foot & Mouth Outbreak.

On Saturday rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) were told by DEFRA that there was a movement ban on hedgehogs, vets from St Annes Vets in Eastbourne contacted DEFRA on Sunday to be told that were was not a ban on their movement, Monday WRAS contacted DEFRA again to be told one minute that were was not a ban and then next minute that there was a ban. » Read more