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Wildlife Campaigner Trevor Weeks is petitioning No 10 to get involved and stop the proposed deer culls across England. Number 10 has today approved a petition set up by Trevor on the number 10 website.

The petition is asking the Prime Minister to prevent any deer culling to reduce down road collisions and damage to farmers' crops and to look at humane long term alternatives. » Read more

East Sussex will lose one of its most loved wild animals in the county if the NFU and DEFRA decide to issue a license to kill thousands of badger across East Sussex, centred on the Ouse and Cuckmere valleys.

The 2002 Saltdean Badger Campaigner and local wildlife rescuer, Trevor Weeks, is joining and supporting a campaign to stop this badger cull from going ahead. The campaign is launched by Badger Trust Sussex, and Trevor says this campaign is vital to stop DEFRA from undertaking another wasted slaughter of badgers using tax payers money. » Read more


Volunteer rescuers are getting fed up of not knowing for sure what is going on with movement restrictions due to the Foot & Mouth Outbreak.

On Saturday rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) were told by DEFRA that there was a movement ban on hedgehogs, vets from St Annes Vets in Eastbourne contacted DEFRA on Sunday to be told that were was not a ban on their movement, Monday WRAS contacted DEFRA again to be told one minute that were was not a ban and then next minute that there was a ban. » Read more

Wildlife Rescuers are extremely annoyed with DEFRA for causing suffering to a hedgehog over the weekend.

"On saturday we were told be DEFRA’s helpline that there was a movement restriction placed on hedgehogs and we could not move them and deer" said Trevor Weeks founder of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS). » Read more

Wildlife Rescuers from a Sussex Charity are warning that wildlife will suffer as a result of the Foot and Mouth outbreak and the movement restrictions which have been put in place.

Trevor Weeks Rescue Co-ordinator for East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) was dealing with a road casualty deer when he heard of the movement restriction being imposed. The deer has had to be isolated so that it cannot come into contact with any other animals. "Normally we move such patients to the specialist deer unit at St Tiggywinkles in Buckinghamshire after initial treatment here in East Sussex, but on contacting St Tiggywinkles they informed us that movement restrictions were now in place, as a result of a Foot and Mouth outbreak in Surrey" said Trevor "the deer has been treated by local vets and a specialist vet from St Tiggywinkles is due to come down tomorrow to assess the animals condition and whether we can apply for a movement order to get the deer to St Tiggywinkles for the specialist treatment it needs." » Read more