Top ten New Years’s resolutions to help wildlife in 2013

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) is publishing a list of their top 10 suggestions for wildlife friendly New Year's Resolutions.

  1. To encourage wildlife in urban areas by cutting a hole in fences to help wildlife like hedgehogs to move around more easily.
  2. To stop the unnecessary hunting, killing and poisoning of wildlife, including and the use of snares, larsen traps to catch wildlife, as well as poisons like slug pellets, rodent poisons and pesticides and to use humane and nature alternatives to pest control. As well as ensuring bird netting and other pest control measures are routinely maintained and managed to prevent unnecessary deaths of wildlife.
  3. To reduce the number of wildlife becoming entangled in rubbish, litter, discarded netting, wire, by ensuring litter and rubbish is disposed of carefully and properly, like cutting up beer can rings, not dropping fast food waste in the streets, don't discard carrier bags, or use Chinese lanterns.
  4. To increase awareness of wildlife welfare in the community, school and colleges.
  5. To become a vegetarian or vegan to help reduce the threat to wildlife from farming and to improve the environment.
  6. To ban the use and storage of guns outside of licenced ranges or establishments.
  7. To keep hunter cats in at night to reduce down the impact cats have on wildlife.
  8. To encourage safer road usage by driving slower in rural areas and especially at night, but also improving new road and transport systems with crossing points like toad, badger, fox, squirrel and deer tunnels and over passes, wider grass verges so wildlife can be seen far in advance to reduce road casualties.
  9. o ban the import and export of all wildlife and prevent them from being kept as pets unnecessarily.
  10. To support your local wildlife rescue or hospital so they can continue to provide their vital service.

"I was asked before Christmas what my New Year's resolutions were going to be and at first I wasn't really sure, so I decided to put together a list of ideas to help people make a wildlife friendly New Year's Resolution with the help of our friends on Facebook" said Trevor Weeks MBE founder of East Sussex WRAS.

"Our wildlife has a hard time, with no owners to take care of them, no pet insurance to pay their bills, and millions of casualties are euthanized or die needlessly across the UK every year because of a lack of facilities and organisations to help them. If you think you can achieve any of these, then you are taking a great step towards being more compassionate and helping to support our natural world and to preserve it for future generations" added Trevor.

"This year my New Year's Resolutions is to try and loose some weight, keep my blood pressure down and be less stressed but also to try and be more positive. I'm also going to try and spend more time working with our volunteers and improving our training and education work as well our knowledge of casualty care within WRAS" said Trevor.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks MBE - East Sussex WRAS: 01825 873003

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