Trevor’s Run to Raise Funds for injured wildlife.

As part of its 25th anniversary of becoming a community group, Trevor Weeks MBE founder of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) is appealing for donations to help fund the vital work of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service.

On Sunday 5th September Trevor will be taking part in the Bates Green Gallop at Arlington near Hailsham. He will be running and hopes to complete a half marathon. The course is between Arlington and Upper Dickers and are loops of about 3.6 miles.

The charity which has been established for 25 years this year has grown from a one man set up dealing with less than 1200 casualties a year to the registered charity it is today with a small fleet of veterinary ambulances and a veterinary hospital which last year deal with over 5100 casualties.

Trevor started undertaking wildlife rescue and conservation in 1985 and spent the first ten years volunteering for various organisations, dealing with a wide variety of wildlife casualties from catted garden birds to oiled sea birds on local beaches. East Sussex WRAS was launched in 1996 when the demand became too great for Trevor to cope with.

“The need for our service increases every year with the demand out striping our resources, despite expanding as much as we can each year” said Trevor, “I’m raising money for WRAS as we are in need of funds to help keep our service on the road and to continue our expansion.”

This year we have received more calls from the Brighton and Hastings areas than ever before and been supporting local community groups in these area to help deal with these rescues, but its becoming very difficult to find enough resources to deal such a volume of casualties and calls. The average cost of WRAS attending a rescue is £85 but we don’t charge for our service, but instead rely on fundraising and donations” said Trevor.

A donation of just £5 would help us provide essential pain relief to a poorly hedgehog. £10 would help us feed a room full of casualties. A donation of £25 would pay for an X-ray using our X-ray system and digital processor.  A donation of £50 would pay for enough fuel to keep one of our ambulance cars on the road for around a week.  A donation of £100 would purchase some specialist rescue poles and nets.  

To find out more about the work of East Sussex WRAS head to their website or to sponsor Trevor go to

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