Two ambulances in need of replacement – can you help?

WRAS is need of replacing two of its ambulances. If you could help by donating a vehicle, sponsoring a vehicle or by donating some money to help buy a vehicle would be extremely appreciated.

Our Brighton based Transit ambulance is going to need replacing as it is now costing too much to repair each year and our Eastbourne ambulance car is also breaking down too frequently and is unreliable. We need your help to replace them.

Every year WRAS ambulances drive over 50,000 miles across East Sussex and beyond helping to deal with wildlife casualties, they are the life line of our charity and are a welcome relief to members of the public when the ambulance appears to help rescue a sick, injured or orphaned wildlife casualties. Our ambulances have also featured on programmes such as BBC South East Today, Meridian TV and the BBC's Animals 24:7 as well as in many local and regional newspapers too, so they are a good target for sponsorship.

Our veterinary ambulances carry essential equipment for dealing with numerous incidents ranging from deer caught in netting as occurred only on Tuesday 26th February 2008, or carry medication to deal with oiled guillemots and razorbills to which our vehicles have attended over 100 such birds on the Sussex coastline so far in 2008. Equipment is also stored on board to deal with dolphin and seals working with British Divers Marine Life Rescue. We are also capable of dealing with numerous other incidents from cat attacked garden birds to road casualties.

The vehicles save lives attending between 2 - 3,000 incidents every year.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship or donations please contact Trevor Weeks on 07813-103474 or send a cheque payable to "East Sussex WRAS" to WRAS Ambulance Fund, Ash Cottage, 73 Friday Street, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 8AY.

Thank you.

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