Wild animals benefit from Wild Full Moon Party

Revelers at the recent LUNARCY FULL MOON PARTY, held at the Concorde 2 venue in Brighton, raised a whopping £500 for a Sussex based wildlife rescue charity. All proceeds from the event were donated to the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service (WRAS), who received a cheque for the amount from Lunarcy organisers Chris Natural and Will Power at the weekend.

"It's great to have raised such an amount for WRAS", said Chris, "especially at this busy time of year for them. The current economic downturn, coupled with particularly unhelpful Council imposed restrictions on event publicity, make it difficult to organise such charitable functions, so we give heartfelt thanks to all who helped make the night an overwhelming success, both on and off the dance floor!"

"This is our busiest time of the year and several of our volunteers including myself are having to put our hands in our own pockets to fund vets bills and petrol expenses on a regular basis due to the volume of casualties" said Rescue Co-ordinator and WRAS Director Trevor Weeks, "people think I am paid full time to work for WRAS and are amazed that we are a voluntary organisation. The recession has hit us but we are just about managing to hold on thanks to re-organisation within WRAS. Brighton is a particularly difficult area for us to cover not having any rescuers bases there and rescues can be costly having to send rescuers from Uckfield or Eastbourne across."

Over the Bank Holiday weekend WRAS has been called several times to the cygnets at Brighton Marina. "Cygnets are not waterproof and unfortunately the parents nested on a ledge 3ft off the water but thanks to local residents and the harbour staff two platforms have been erected to help them. Its not unusual for swans to loose one or two cygents at a young age due to predators, heavy rain and their lack of waterproofing or from them being runts. We hope the three remaining cygnets will survive now these platforms have been put in place" said Trevor.

"We would like to than Chris and Will plus everyone else involved in or who attended the Lunarcy Full Moon Party at the Concorde 2 on Madeira Drive, Brighton. This money is very much appreciated and will be used to help rescue more sick and injured wildlife casualties across East Sussex" said Trevor.

For information on forthcoming Lunarcy not-for-profit dance events visit the Lunarcy Soundsystem group page on Facebook.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958
Chris Naturals, Lunarcy Full Moon Party Organiser, 07761 303387

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