Wildlife cruelty in East Sussex must stop!

"Seven gulls shot in 3 weeks and a duck hit by a dart! What is happening? This cruelty must stop" said Trevor Weeks founder of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

A fund of £1,000 has been created as a reward for information which directly results in the conviction of anyone responsible for recent gull shootings and also a duck which was found with a dart lodged in its head at the weekend.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) and International Animal Rescue are creating the fund in the hope of deterring people from continuing the cruelty spree which seems to be occuring in East Sussex. The money will be split between anyone who provides information which leads directly to the conviction of anyone responsible for any of these incidents. In the last 3 weeks 7 birds have been shot and a duck has now been hit by a dart in the head. Luckily all these animals apart from one have so far survived.

Yesterday (Sunday 20th April) at 3pm WRAS received an emergency call about a duck which was hit in the head by a dart! WRAS rescuer Barry Osbourne attended on site within 5 minutes and quickly caught the duck which was disorientated. The duck was taken to Horsebridge where the bird had the dart removed. Luckily the dart had not penetrated the skull. The bird was luckily fit for release later in the day and taken back to Hampden Park.

WRAS has even been contacted over the weekend about people at Prince's Park trying to strangle swans. "This information has come verbally from a visitor to the park so we don't know much information about this, but we are asking people to be vigilant about this and all to keep an eye open for anyone else who tries to injury or cause unnecessary suffering to our local wildlife" said Trevor Weeks founder of WRAS.

"These incidents are cruel, it really makes me wonder what type of people they are, obviously not intelligent ones" added Trevor.

WRAS has been picking up the pieces from these cruelty cases over the past few weeks and the vets bills alone have totalled over £1,000 and hopes that this reward will help reduce down the problem and make people think twice that someone might grass them up.

"We will continue to work with Sussex Police in dealing with theses incidents and I hope that someone comes forward and the police are able to prosecute someone for this cruelty" said Tim McKenzie WRAS Casualty Care Unit Manager, "anyone with information is urged to contact Sussex Police contact centre on 0845-6070-999.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958
Alan Knight OBE, International Animal Rescue, 01825 767 688

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