Winter Hedgehogs Up

There have been quite a few reports in the media recently about the number of hedgehogs coming into care being up on previous years. Numbers here at WRAS have certainly been up, and we are working very hard to cope with the numbers.

Number of Hedgehogs rescued by East Sussex each month for the last 6 years.

Please please please, if you find a hedgehog which is too small to hibernate, DO NOT just pick it up and place into a hutch and start feeding it. Frequently the small hedgehogs are too small to hiberbate due to internal parasite issues, as it is not just because they have been born late in the year that they are in trouble. A hedgehog with internal parasite problems will need testing as they show virtually no outward signs of having them. So please contact a rescue centre so they can check it over and treat it if necessary.

Hedgehogs suffer from a wide variety of problems, and sadly each year we get called to many people who have over wintered hedgehogs which are critically ill by the time we are called.

Also it is worth mentioning that hedgehogs frequently do not hibernate throughout the entire winter. During mild periods hedgehogs will come out of hibernation and potter around as normal. They do not need rescuing or keeping in as along as they are big enough.

As normal if you see a hedgehog out during the day time please pick it up and call a rescue service as there is highly likely going to be something wrong with it.

If you are at all unsure as to what you should do PLEASE call a hedgehog rescue for advice.

Thank you.

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