WRAS and BDMLR monitor Trevor the seal on Seaford Beach

On arrival rescuers were surprised to find a healthy Grey Seal
On arrival rescuers were surprised to find a healthy Grey Seal

In mid May WRAS received a call about a seal on the beach just east of Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne. On arrival rescuers were surprised that the seal was a Grey Seal and fit and healthy. Over the next 10 days WRAS working closely with British Divers Marine Life Rescue set up a watch on the seal to keep him safe. The seal moved across to Eastbourne Beach then on to Seaford beach where he stayed for 6 days. A group of school children visiting the Seaford beach wanted to name the seal 'Trevor'!

It is unusual for a grey seal to be on the East Sussex coast line. The nearest colonies are near Dover and on the North French coast. The stormy weather the two days before his arrival may have been the cause of him ending up here. Due to trouble on the first night it was decided that a watch was needed to keep him safe. Medics from British Divers Marine Life Rescue and WRAS set up a round the clock watch of the seal which included medics staying overnight on the beach.

The seal was moulting and losing its winter coat. When this happens, like some other wild animals and birds, they feel very run down and lethargic. They normally haul out of the water in small groups to moult but don't normally do this on such public locations. Unlike dolphins seals do not need to be in water and are happy to sun bathe on beaches. Friday 24th May he disappeared over the Bank Holiday weekend but reappeared back on the beach the Monday 27th.

For more information on the work of British Divers Marine Life Rescue visit their website.

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