WRAS Calendars 2020

WRAS's 2020 Calendar

Since January WRAS has been running a Photo Competition with six winning entries being used in a 2020 Calendar to raise money for WRAS. Thank you so much to everyone who send in photo entries. There were so many really nice photos that choosing the winners was not at all easy, so we let our volunteers vote for the winners. Congratulations to Rob Moore, Jan French, Sara Gowers, Terry Colgate and Kay Langridge for their winning entries!
The calendar also has six photos of casualties which have come into WRAS including some baby hedgehogs, birds and fox cubs, as well as a nosy badger, bat and nestling Tawny Owl.
If you would like a copy of our calendar, they are available to pick up at WRAS’s Casualty Centre at Whitesmith, Unit 2 The Shaw Barn, A22, Whitemsith, BN8 6JD and also from Monday 7th Oct they will be available from our Charity shop in Terminus Road Eastbourne. They cost £5.00 each when collecting them. Alternatively you can send a cheque for £6.50 per calendar payable to “East Sussex WRAS” along with your name and address to East Sussex WRAS, Unit 2 The Shaw Barn,Whitesmith, BN8 6JD stating how many calendars you want. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

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