WRAS Rescuers help with oiled birds rescue

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) volunteers have been out and about today (Wednesday) rescuing oiled seabirds on our coastline. 7 call-outs were received by WRAS today, but several of them had returned to the sea when rescuers arrived.

Three birds, a razorbill and two guillemots were caught and treated on site before being transported to the RSPCA Mallydams Wildlife Centre at Hastings for further treatment.

"We have been told by the Coastguard that the oil we are dealing with is not the same as from the Ice Prince, it is possible a vessel has thought it can get away with dumping oil illegally and think the Ice Prince will get the blame, it is also possible that the oil has come from old world war two boats which were sunk and are now starting to leak oil" said Trevor Weeks, founder of WRAS.

WRAS will continue to monitor the beaches and help rescue oiled birds where it can.

What to do if you find an oiled bird on the beach

Oiled sea birds have started coming ashore on the Sussex coast possible as a result of the oil spill off the Isle of Wight at the weekend.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) is providing support on site to help treat oiled birds as they come off the beach.

"If you find an oiled bird please do not take it home and wash it, this is not as important as getting it treated internally" said Trevor Weeks founder of WRAS.

Main WRAS rescuers carry medication on board their ambulances to treat the birds on site as quickly as possible, it the hope that it helps pass the oil through their bodies safely.

"If you have any doubt about trying to catch a bird please leave it alone and call for help. These birds can run quite fast so please do not chase them back into the sea" said Trevor.

WRAS will have rescuers on duty along the coast to help collect oiled birds and work with the RSPCA at Mallydams in Hastings in order to ensure they get the right treatment.

If you find any oiled bird please ring WRAS on 07815 078234 or the RSPCA.

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Press Contacts: Trevor Weeks, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958 (private)

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