Lewes Railway Station Pigeon Rescue

Rescuers Kai Ahmed, Laura Carrick, Fiona Palmer and Chris Riddington from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service attended to a trapped pigeon in netting at Lewes Railway Station this evening.

The poor pigeon had been trapped in the netting at the front of the station and a number of taxi drivers called WRAS to express concerns.

When rescuers arrived they found the pigeon in the corner inside the netting and clearly entangled. Rescuers Kai and Chris used two ladders from WRAS’s Ambulance to gain access to the bird.

“Chris went up first and managed to grab the birds legs to prevent it escaping elsewhere in the netted off area, whilst I reached in and managed to grab the bird and gently lower it through the netting where Chris had cut a hole” explained Kai.

“The poor pigeon was underweight and needed to be taken back to WRAS’s Casualty Centre for care” added Chris, “all too often birds are getting trapped in netting which is either badly erected or not maintained.”

At WRAS’s Casualty Centre the pigeon was given fluids by Casualty Manager Katie Nunn-Nash and bedded down and was soon tucking into food.


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