Another baby deer for cash strapped wildlife rescue

East Sussex WRAS had yet another baby deer come in today via Raystede Animal Welfare Centre at Ringmer. The baby fallow deer was found with its rear leg caught in stock fencing at Newick and was delivered by members of the public to Raystede. Staff at Raystede contacted East Sussex WRAS for help.

Trevor Weeks founder of WRAS attended on site at Raystede and has loaded the deer thought to be less than 10 days old into his veterinary ambulance and is currently on his way to the specialist deer unit at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire. "As WRAS is so short on funds at the moment Raystede have very kindly given us £60 towards the cost of transporting the deer up to St Tiggywinkles" said Trevor.

We have had a lot of deer to deal with this year and have now taken 6 baby deer to St Tiggywinkles. We have also had 6 adult deer caught in stock fencing this year plus numerous other deer caught in netting or hit on the roads.

"This poor little deer has a nasty wound to a rear leg which may have cut off the blood supply to the hoof so we need to rush the deer up to St Tiggywinkles so their veterinary team can try and fix the leg. It is easier to do this on youngsters so I really hope that the deer will survive." said Trevor.

"We all at WRAS really appreciate the donations which are starting to come in, its so encouraging. International Animal Rescue, Care for the Wild International, Axisclaim Ltd, Lewes District Council, Brighton & Hove Council and several others have donated money recently to WRAS we do still need as much help as possible, and even if people can not give a large sum on money a regular standing order of just £1 a month would be really helpful and allow us to budget for the future" said Trevor.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958 (private

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