Avian Influenza

Update: 23rd December 2023

The national Avian Influenza Prevention Zone was lifted earlier this autumn. The number of cases in the agriculture, domestic and wild flocks is extremely low compared to two years ago.

APHA/DEFRA are seeing signs of natural immunity in wild birds. However there are still some cases around.

Due to the devastating impact this disease would have on crippling our charity should we admit just one single case, we have no choice but to work with restrictions in place.

We ARE still admitting birds, but working with precautions in place for: 

Birds of Prey (Buzzards, Sparrowhawks etc)

Waterfowl (ducks, geese and swans etc)

Coastal/Sea Birds (Gulls, Gannets, Guillemots etc). 

If any of the above species are showing neurological signs or appears to be having a seizure, we will not be able to admit them. We would advise people to wear gloves, a face mask and waterproof coat to get the bird into a box and transported to their nearest vets which are able to assess and euthanise any potential cases of Avian Influenza.

We are not able to admit any birds showing potential signs of Avian Influenza. 

If you are unsure or need help please call our rescue line and we will help assess the situation over the phone. 

We are all devastated with what is happened and very frustrated with the situation and apologise for the inconvenience. To read more please go to our Wildlife in Crisis page

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