BBC Countryfile Visits East Sussex WRAS

Similar Deer Rescue at Robertsbridge in July 2007
Similar Deer Rescue at Robertsbridge in July 2007

BBC Countryfile visited East Sussex WRAS on 13th November.   They spent the day at WRAS’s Casualty Centre at Whitesmith and filmed with WRAS's new vet Mike Symons, as well as with WRAS's hard working Feed & Clean Shift volunteers and Managers Lindsay and Trevor. It was a very quiet day on the rescue front but the one rescue which did occur was an amazing deer rescue near Battle.

The fully grown fallow buck, with full palmate antlers, was caught in a rope fence in the middle of a field. On site rescuer quickly found the deer which was thrashing around. Trevor approached first to assess the situation as it was not clear how, and to what extent, the deer was caught. It was not an easy rescue. Trevor and Kathy approached and caught the deer using a walk-to-wards net, but his capture didn't quite go according to plan. As Trevor tried to secure the deer, it moved, meaning Trevor’s legs were at risk of being kicked. Trevor managed to roll forward and gain control allowing Chris and Kathy to start cutting the rope with Trevor only suffering bruises. Luckily  most of the line was going between the two antlers which made the rescuer’s job of cutting the rope much easier.

With the rope and rescue net removed it was time for Kathy and Chris moved away, leaving Trevor with the job of releasing the deer.  Being in an awkward position from the capture Trevor had to get up and move away quick to avoid being kicked or hit by the antlers. Rescuers were relieved  to see the deer  spring to his feet and run off across the field to freedom!  The programme is due to be aired on 7th December.


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