Boat Rescue at Hailsham Common Pond

An eagle eyed member of the public spotted a juvenile gull caught at the edge of the main island in the middle of Hailsham Common Pond yesterday.

Rescuers Julie, Ellie and Lisa attended with boats to paddle across to the island where they worked together to safely reach the gull and cut it free. The fishing line was well wrapped round the bird which would not have been able to fly in that condition.

Fishing is not allowed on the site, and the line may have even come in attached to another bird and fallen off. The gull couldn't move out of the water or waddle away from the approaching rescuers as the line was also attached to mesh around the edge of the island.

This is often used around ponds to protect new plants when landscaping but frequently after the plants disappear it leaves cavities which wildlife can get caught in, causes injury and entanglements too.

After cutting the bird free Julie paddled back to shore leaving Ellie and Lisa to remove the rest of the line to avoid any further problems.

The gull was taken back to WRAS's Casualty Centre where the Care Team removed the rest of the line which was wrapped round its wings , body and legs.

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