Boxed in Badger Rescued in Hastings

The badger hiding in the concrete blocks.

Saturday 27th November WRAS received a call from Hastings after residents found a badger had fallen down an embankment into a basement garden area and was unable to get out again. The badger had already been there for a few days so need to be rescued and returned home.

These types of calls are quite common in the Hastings area and ones we get called to several times a year as they can be dangerous to handle and release again.

Rescuers arrived on site and quickly found the rescue was not going to be as simple as they first thought as the badger was able to get through a hole in the retaining wall and inside some concrete clocks. Rescuers soon realised that this rescue was not going to be as straight forward as they had thought.

The slightest movement from the rescuers and the badger would run off into the hollow concrete blocks. This made it impossible for rescuers to reach him.

There was only one way this badger was going to get rescued and that was for a trap to be set. Traps can take days or weeks to work sometimes so rescuers were rather concerned.

However within 90 minuets of the trap being set the badger went inside for the food.

The badger turned out to be one of this year's juveniles who had just got into a bit of bother and needed a little help back up onto the banks above and to a near by sett. He was nice and healthy and alert and none the worse for his ordeal.

It was already late in the day and there was a sett nearby so rescuer were able to pop him up on the banks and release him straight away.

The badger shot off and quickly disappeared up the bank and into the undergrowth. To be reunited with his family.

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