Burnt Owl sent for specialist care

This Tawny Owl had a lucky escape after falling down a chimney of a house in Vines Cross near Horam.

The owl fluttered down the chimney onto the hot embers of a fire. Luckily the fire had burnt down enough not to kill the owl, but the poor creature was left with substantial feather damage from the heat.

With so many feathers damaged rescuers were left with two options, to keep the bird in captivity till the feather moult out or to look at the option of repairing the feathers.

Casualty Manager Katie Nunn Nash contacted colleagues at Wildlife Aid at Leatherhead who have a lot of experience with this sort of repair work and yesterday (Monday 7th December) the owl was delivered up to their centre for the repair work to commence.

A big thank you to Wildlife Aid at Leatherhead for their help and support.

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