Buxted Buzzard Hit by Train is Released

On 7th March East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) received a call from Network Rail after a member of staff carrying out a line inspection between Buxted and Uckfield Railways Station found a buzzard which they believed may have struck a train.

WRAS send a veterinary ambulance to meet Network Rail at Buxted Railway Station where they were provided with a carrier, rescue net and towel in order to rescue the bird from the railway line just south of Buxted Railways Station.  “I think the guy from Network Rail was a bit apprehensive but armed with thick gloves, towel and large carrier he successfully managed to catch the buzzard and get it into the carrier” said Trevor Weeks founder of WRAS.

The Buzzard was loaded into WRAS’s Ambulance and driven back to their veterinary hospital at Whitesmith near Lewes, where it was seen by vet Chris Hall from Henley House Vets, Uckfield.  “The bird was found to have a bloody eye, concussion and a weakness in one shoulder. The bird was quite disorientated” said Trevor.

The bird was medicated and placed into a hospital cage for recovery and monitoring.  “After several days he started to feel better and needed more space so moved into one of our indoor enclosures. We were concerned at first about the shoulder but just over a week after admission the Buzzard was able to fly up onto high perches and regained full use of the wing. When reassessed with our vets we were really pleased the bird had recovered so well” said Trevor.

On the 23rd March, after just over 2 weeks of care, the Buzzard was taken back and released next to Buxted Recreation Ground as close to where the Buzzard was found as possible and released.

“It is amazing to see them go back to the wild where they belong in their home range, a big thank you to Network Rail for rescuing him” said Trevor Weeks.


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