Christmas & New Year Operations

Christmas & New Year Operations.

Between Thursday 23rd December 2021 and Tuesday 4th January 2022.

WRAS’s Rescue Line 0300 10 26 999 - Will operate every day as normal.

Our Casualty Centre will only be staffed by a skeleton crew,  and they will be multi-tasking including looking after casualties, rescuing and answering the phones - so please be patient with them.

Non-urgent or administration calls will be returned where possible.

We have a dedicate crew of volunteers who will be working hard over the Christmas & New Year periods, ensuring we can attend as many rescues as possible and to ensure casualties in care are well look after and fed.

Please note that late Christmas Eve we are expecting a visit from Santa and his reindeer and we will be providing them with refreshments and any treatment should the be feeling too tired, and to ensure they manage to keep up with their heavy workload, so please be patient with us if we take a little longer to return your call Christmas Eve!

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