Coronavirus Update

WRAS trailer will be used as a transfer station for casualties being delivered to the Casualty Centre.

East Sussex WRAS is committed to continuing to help our wildlife as much as possible during the current Coronavirus situation. However, along with everyone else, we are having to cope with the restrictions in order to do our part in keeping our staff, volunteers and the public safe.

Until further notice, members of the public will not be able to enter the Casualty Centre. Please call the rescue line as usual, and if you are able to deliver a casualty this may be helpful but on other occasions not. When you arrive at the centre there are clear instructions to leave the casualty in the trailer outside our reception, and to fill a form in and then press the door bell. Where staff will then collect the casualty and return your carrier if needed.

Our first aid course for the next few months are being cancelled as has our Quiz Night for Saturday.

When calling us out we will have to ask a few more questions than normal to risk assess rescuers attending. We will try our hardest to come up with a workable solution, but in some circumstances we may not have a choice but to ask people to place casualties outside of their homes so volunteers do not have to enter, especially when elderly or vulnerable people live in the premises. We will do our best to find a working solution.

Casualty Updates: returning callers updates on casualties may be difficult at busy times so you may experience a longer than normal delay in us updating you.

CCTV: Please be aware there is a CCTV camera in the trailer.

We appreciate your help and continued support, and please continue to keep an eye on facebook for updates on rescues.

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2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update

  1. Lucy


    I can't find an email address and I don't want to clog up the phone line.

    Where can I release froglets? I took the school tadpoles home and I'm concerned about releasing them safely when they have grown.

    Many thanks.

    1. East Sussex WRAS

      Post author

      Its not advisable to move them. They shouldn't be taken from the wild into class rooms. They should stay in the pond where they were found. The best place for them now is back where first found.


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