Duckling Rescue Closes Road

Traffic had to be stopped and the road closed for about 5 minutes this afternoon whilst rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) helped a duck and 10 ducklings.

Lunchtime Friday 19th June, residents of the Barley Mow static caravan park called WRAS when a female mallard duck and 10 ducklings started wandering towards the main road.

Rescuers from East Sussex WRAS attended quickly, kept the family contained at the park, and assessed the area and checked maps. "Ponds could be seen in various directions on the map, making it very difficult to know which direction she would want to head in" explained Trevor Weeks WRAS's Rescue Co-ordinator, "The biggest problem we have is not knowing where she wants to go, if we catch her and relocate her she will just up and walk when we are not looking and potentially get run over. So we need to give her some space and let her decided where she wants to go, unfortunately this will mean escorting her out onto a small section of the main road. "

Two veterinary ambulances with flashing orange beacons were used to warn and slow traffic. Rescuers Julie Stafford and Ellie Langridge with the help of local residents let the mum start walking. "She was reluctant to walk out of the caravan park, but she would have only ended up at a dead end if she didn't head out" said Ellie, "once she was out on the road traffic was slowed down and stopped so we could get her safely along."

She walked straight past the turning to the first pond on her right, and wanted to head along the road, she started turning to go into the field on the opposite side of the road. Once the family were off the road, traffic was free to proceed again.

"I wasn't overly convinced that she wanted to go into the field, and she quickly turned right staying parallel with the road" said Trevor, "rescuer Julie stayed on the pavement in case she tried to come back out onto the road."

Luckily the mum and all ten ducklings started wandering across the field to one of the local ponds where she was eventually on the water and safe.

WRAS would like to thank the public for their co-operation and patience, during the rescue.

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