Eastbourne shops help remember animal war victims

Members of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue will take part in Eastbourne’s Remembrance day parade for the second year running. The following press release has been released by the coalition of groups and individuals taking part in the parade.

Eastbourne shops are supporting the town’s residents in the ‘purple poppies’ campaign to remember all animals that suffer and die as a result of war. When a wreath of purple poppies commemorating animal victims of war was laid at the war memorial in 2009, making Eastbourne the first town in the UK outside London to honour animals in this way, many Eastbourne residents wanted to know where they could buy the poppies. Now The Kit Wilson Trust for Animal Welfare in the Enterprise Centre and Sainsbury's in the Arndale Centre have generously stepped in to make the poppies available in their shops.

For the second year running, on Sunday 14 November, the wreath will be laid at the War Memorial as part of the Remembrance Day service. Wreaths will also be laid at other towns in the UK including Hastings.

Animals served in both World Wars alongside front line troops as ‘beasts of burden’ and for rescue and protection. Today they continue to be used for scouting, detection and rescue and many soldiers form very strong bonds with their working animals. Animals suffer as a result of wars in many other ways. Wild, domestic and farm animals are killed and maimed and weapons are routinely tested on laboratory animals. In war zones, pet shop and zoo animals are often abandoned and left to die of thirst and starvation.

The purple poppy campaign is also supported by Kit Wilson Trust, Eastbourne Council, Eastbourne Combined Ex-Services Association, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service and Greens vegetarian café at 25 Seaside Road.

Purple poppies are the original idea of the Tonbridge-based animal campaigning organisation Animal Aid and the poppies and wreaths can also be purchased through their website: www.animalaid.org.uk

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Press enquiries: Bill Palethorpe, 01323 411707, Ann Johnson, 01323 644083

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