Hedgehog comes in suffering from unusual “Pop off” Syndrome

A hedgehog has been rescued today suffering from a very unusual condition called "Pop off" Syndrome. It is a condition which is only seen in hedgehogs. It is where the main orbicularis muscle, which is responsible for helping to curl up the hedgehog, seems to slip over the top of the pelvis, sitting like a prickly hat on the back of the hedgehog. The condition disables the hedgehog which is then unable to curl up nor get around and is helpless. Caused normally by some form of trauma but in this case the cause is not known.

“This month we are naming all our casualties after Guy Fawkes and Halloween so we have named this little girl Flame” said WRAS Senior Carer Kathy Martyn.

The young hedgehog which weights just 155 grams at a time of year when they should be around 600grams is currently at Henley House vets in Uckfield where the Vet Chris Halls is working with East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service to slide the prickly coat back into place under anaesthesia.

"We are worried about this poor little hedgehog as this condition is very uncomfortable and he is very small for this time of year. Once replaced the condition does not normally occure again but we will have to keep a very close eye on the poor little creature after going through so much stress. " said Trevor Weeks founder of East Sussex WRAS who spotted the condition when the hedgehog arrived at the rescue centre at Whitesmith.

Sussex Wildlife Rescue has had over 50 calls in the past month to young hedgehogs and currently 40 hedgehogs are in care at their rescue centre. "hedgehogs should be over 500 grams at this time of year and ideally 600grams in order to securely survive hibernation, but we are getting them in between 100 and 300 grams on a daily basis" added WRAS director and senior carer Monica Russell.

WRAS's new rescue centre which only opened on 4th September is now completely full with only a few cages not taken up by hedgehogs. "It's great that we have managed to expand into a bigger facility but we still need to raise over £10,000 for additional caging so we can increase the number of casualties we can help. We also need people to donate money to cover the costs as each hedgehog will cost over £130 to winter" added Trevor.

Anyone able to make a donation can donate online or post donations to East Sussex WRAS, PO Box 2148, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 9DE. Anyone interested in making a large donation should contact WRAS via its rescue line 07815 078234 where you will allow to visit their rescue centre and see where the money is being spent.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, Director, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958

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