Entangled Cub Released at 1AM

This fox cub became entangled in netting in a garden of a house in Stone Cross near Pevensey just after midnight on 14th April 2018.

Duty Rescue Co-ordinator Trevor Weeks MBE received an emergency call at about 12:40am and rushed to the scene after reports of a fox making a lot of noise after becoming entangled in netting.

Trevor arrived on site about 1:15am and quickly discovered a 3 week old fox cub entangled in camouflage netting attached to an old childrens play house.

"I cut around the fox cub first of all and then lifted the cub to a blanket on the floor where I can see and control the fox cub better. I was then able to start assessing the cub and see how the netting was attached" explained Trevor.

He was then able to remove the remaining netting cutting it away using bandage scissors.

"I was really pleased that the netting was not tightly attached so their was no chance of ligature wounds or pressure necrosis developing" said Trevor.

After a thorough check over of the cub, local residents showed Trevor a hole under some decking where they believed the fox had been born which was very close to where the cub was found.

"I had let the cub run around inside a large metal cage to ensure it was using all its legs properly and wasn't disorientated, and then moved the cage closer to the den entrance. I encouraged the cub to leave the cage and he quickly ran off and into the den" said Trevor.

Trevor finally returned home about 2:30am.

Version Without Logo: https://youtu.be/1wiqDgW9_Sk

This video is free for use by local media to East Sussex, including BBC local news and ITV Meridian News as well as local newspapers and radios stations. For all other use please contact Trevor Weeks on 07931523958.

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2 thoughts on “Entangled Cub Released at 1AM

  1. Gillian Kilroy

    My heart missed abeat for a second as was hoping this was from the poss den of cubs belonging to the vixen (lactating) Found killed on Road in Eastbourne.
    Have you had any luck finding it yet? Friend in area is searching.

    1. East Sussex WRAS

      Post author

      Luckily this cub was over in Stone Cross so not the Granville Road cubs. We had rescuers out nightly looking for the cubs, but unfortunately they won't have survived this long without mum.


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