Exceptionally Difficult Deer Rescue at Framfield

Earlier this week WRAS rescuers were called out to two deer tied together with blue rope. These rescues are extremely dangerous and problematic and you have to think fast on your feet. After breaking free from the tree rescuers tracked the deer for about half a mile before they were able to secure them and release them after removing all of the rope.

We suspect that one of these deer may be the same deer we have received numerous calls about running around trailing blue rope in the Framfield area over the last few weeks.

It is possible a well meaning member of the public has cut the deer free after seeing the deer thrashing around and out of desperation to help cut the rope free from a distance so the deer runs off trailing rope. The problem with that is these deer frequently re-entangle and often in places where they are not found and after struggling and stressing themselves out they die. The best cause of action anyone can take when finding a deer entangled is to leave the deer alone and back away and keep out of sight of the deer so it calms down, stops thrashing around and rests, then to call a rescue service for help like WRAS or the RSPCA.

It is tempting to try wrestling deer and cut the rope from the antlers following seeing how WRAS rescue deer, but when our trained rescuers deal with deer they are not just securing them and cutting them free, they are checking them for signs or more serious problems and may have to administer medication or treatment which could involve a veterinary surgeon attending on site. Rope going around the mouth, throat or neck can cause pressure injuries which could be fatal after the deer is released. There is also the safety of doing such rescues too, knowing the safe way to approach and handle deer to avoid serious or even potentially fatal injuries. Some deer can take 3 or more people to control. Even applying pressure to a deer's chest in the wrong way could prove fatal after release.

You may have heard us say on other rescues that there is a 30minute window to cut a deer free or it runs the risk of having a heart attack. This 30 minutes is from the point in which rescuers secure the deer not from the point when the deer became entangled in the rope. This is why it is important for anyone who finds a deer to stay out of sight or the stress levels of the deer will raise to the point the point of a heart attack before rescuers arrive and greatly reduce the survival chances.

The people who called us out to these two deer in Framfield did exactly what they should have done and stayed well out of the way across the other wise of the field out of view of the deer and where they could not be heard too. Well done on doing the right thing!

For the sake of the deer please call a rescue organisation so the deer stands the best chance of survival after release.

Reg Charity 1108880 www.wildlifeambulance.org

This video is free for use by local media to East Sussex UK, for all other use please contact East Sussex WRAS on 01825-873003.

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