Five animal welfare groups have put up a total of £2,700 for a reward

Five Animal Welfare Groups have put up a total of £2,700 for a reward for evidence leading to the conviction of a person illegally poisoning animals under the Animal Welfare Act in the Seaford area.

The reward comes after growing concerns after a lady visited a Seaford Garden Centre asking to buy rat poison to kill foxes.

The Fox Project based in Pembury have put up £1000, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service based at Whitesmith, have put up £500, International Animal Rescue based in Uckfield have put up £500, Jessie's Trust based in Alfriston have put up £500 and Seaford Dog Rescue have put up £200 making a total of a £2,700 reward.

East Sussex WRAS are already working with Sussex Police and leads are being taken seriously and followed up due to the seriousness of the report.

Volunteers will be in Seaford on Tuesday handing out leaflets to the public and putting them threw letter boxes in the hope of stopping any wildlife or pets being affected.

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Press Contacts: Trevor Weeks - East Sussex WRAS: 01825873003 or 07931-523958
Trevor Williams - Fox Project: 01892 824111
Alan Knight - International Animal Rescue: 01825767688
Sue - Seaford Dog Rescue: 07707 738925
Mayke Hogestijn - Jessie's Trust: 01323 871150

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