Fox Cub Stuck Between Two Walls Bexhill

A 4 week old fox cub became trapped between a garden wall and a garage in Albert Road Bexhill yesterday (9th May 2016).  Local Bexhill Wildlife Rescue were called to the incident late afternoon, but soon realised additional help was required, so called in East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS).

WRAS founder Trevor Weeks MBE and Rescue Manager Chris Riddington attended onsite to assess the situation. "I couldn't believe how tight the gap was, the little cub could not go any further forwards or turn around" said Chris.

The young cub had obviously been exploring and had wedged himself in a tight space with no where to move. "The gap was so narrow we couldn't get loop of the dog graspers in place to lift the cubs out easily," said Trevor, "Chris the poor cub was in some discomfort and the team did well to keep calm and hold their nerve in a very stressful situation for all involved".

Rescuers from both WRAS and Bexhill WR used a thicker dog graspers as a support under the cub  to stop him becoming more stuck and gently tried to push the cub upwards towards rescuers hands. "I managed to fit my arm down the narrow gap but the cub was too far away, but with Trevor and Chris Tucker from Bexhill Wildlife Rescue supporting the cub from below we gradually managed to lifted him far enough for me to grab hold of the cub and pull him to a big enough space to pull him out".

It was a release of emotion when rescuers finally managed to free the poor cub which they had been working on for over an hour.  The cub got off lightly compared compared to Chris Riddington's hands which the cub had bitten several times. "Back at WRAS's ambulance I gave first aid to the cub for a graze on the cubs foot, but otherwise he was in good condition, not injured and could go home." said Trevor. 

The cub was placed over the wall into the neighbouring garden where there is a den under a large shed and other cubs were seen running back under the shed when rescuers first arrived.

"The whole rescue was a really difficult situation but team work from all those involved paid off and rescuers were able to get the cub back to its den. To finish the rescue off rescuers places a board in the gap between the wall  and the garden to prevent any animal becoming stuck in future" said Trevor.


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