Hedgehog Rescued from Crocodile in Eastbourne.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) rushed to the aid of a hedgehog reported as being stuck on the back of a crocodile in Eastbourne today.

"We are quite lucky in the UK that our wildlife is quite tame in comparison to other countries, so we were a bit worried when we were told the hedgehog was on the back of a crocodile, but relieved when we were told the crocodile was not real" explained Chris Riddington Duty Rescue Co-ordinator.

Members of the public visiting Treasure Island park on Eastbourne Seafront spotted the hedgehog on the decorative crocodile surrounded by water. "The hedgehog had clearly got a bit lost found himself in the water and climbed out onto this helpful reptile to give him rest." said Chris.

Rescuers from WRAS attended on site to rescue the hedgehog which was in relatively good condition, quite bright and alert.  The hedgehog was checked over at WRAS's Casualty Centre before being bedded down for 48 hours observation.

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2 thoughts on “Hedgehog Rescued from Crocodile in Eastbourne.

  1. Geoff Dobbin

    I live in Hampden Park. ,Crawley Crescent,I am trying to attract Hedgehogs Back into the garden, they have not been seen for a long time,in this area my neighbours say,is this part of the general decline or, foxes, or I am leaving mealworms around the hedgerows in the garden, and fresh water anything else I should try?

    1. East Sussex WRAS

      Post author

      There are quite a few hedgehogs in Hampden Park. Foxes do not eat hedgehogs or cause problems with the population levels. Access is the biggest threat hedgehogs face. No being able to move from garden to garden easily enough. More and more people are fencing off gardens and making it difficult for them to roam over a large enough area to find food. Saying that, many people don't even realise that they have hedgehogs visiting as they can visit late at night when people are asleep. I would avoid mealworms, as these can cause bone development problems for young hedgehogs. It might be worth seeing if you can borrow a camera trap from a friend or buy on on Amazon to see if you have them visiting.


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