Dancing on Ice star and Olympic gold medallist Jayne Torvill has voiced her support for WRAS!

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Dancing on Ice star and Olympic gold medalist Jayne Torvill has voiced her support for East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) and its bid to build a new hospital.

Mrs Torvill moved to East Sussex in 1992 after falling in love with her current house, which is in Heathfield. 

During her time in East Sussex Mrs Torvill has called on WRAS for their support six times, including to help an injured deer.

She said: “More recently there was the owl that came down this chimney and it was New Year’s Eve.

“I think my husband said to my daughter, ‘can you go and clean the fireplace because we will light a fire?’ She started to clean and she could hear something and I think my husband put his hand up there and could feel the owl and pulled it down. We could see that it was still alive so that is when we called.”

The former figure skating star said she has had to call the charity around six times throughout her time in East Sussex. 

Mrs Torvill added: “We have lived here a long time, I have to say, but luckily we have seen lots of wildlife around here but not too many accidents.”

The mother of two also spoke about the importance of WRAS’ service in East Sussex.

Mrs Torvill said: “It is extremely important because this is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We want it to remain the same and we want the wildlife to enjoy it.

"With the advent of more developments and roads and things poor little creatures are going to get hit by cars and so on.

“It is just important. I don’t claim to know that much about wildlife but I do love to see them and I want them to thrive. It is nice to have experts who you can call upon to come and help you when you have a problem.”

In August WRAS and SussexWorld came together to help raise funds for a new site amid a wildlife ‘crisis’.

Mrs Torvill added: “We hear of centres closing but the wildlife isn’t going to get any less, it is still going to be out there and it still needs the help. 

“I hope everyone locally, or even nationally, can support them in some way, however small. Every little bit helps in the fundraising. 

“If they can double the amount of animals they can deal with it’s super important that they are able to get new premises and bring everything up to date so they can deal with everything, all the animals, as efficiently as possible.”

To donate click here or call 01825-873003.

Article written by Jacob Panons, Sussex World, on behalf of East Sussex WRAS. For use of the original photo please contact Sussex World direct.

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