London Fox Bite Programme Statement

I watched the Fox Bite programme - better than I thought it was going to be - there is clearly more to the situation than meets the eye. I am very pleased that the "feeding foxes" issue was raised as I have said for ages now that taming foxes and domesticating them via feeding on a daily basis is not right and not fair... on the foxes.

I am aware that there are several foxes on the Sovereign Harbour area of Eastbourne which have been hand fed in gardens and domesticated, as a result the foxes are very bold and I am aware that pest control have been called in to the Sovereign Harbour area and I understand that some foxes may now have been shot as a result of this domestication.

This is clearly not right or fair on the foxes, when it is clearly the fault of humans teaching foxes that us humans are safe and can be approached.

What I am now concerned about - and already had calls since the programme - is people suddenly stopping feeding visiting foxes. This will cause suffering to foxes which depend on the food being put out - I would recommend people who are stopping feeding foxes should cut down the food over a 3 month period so the fox can have a chance to find an alternative and more natural food source.

Please do not kill your foxes with kindness. Foxes are wild and should remain wild and be respected as being wild. Foxes are good to have in residential area and there is plenty of natural food in residential areas in the form of mice, rats and other rodents, plus slow worms, slugs, beetles, fledgling birds, wild rabbits etc and more.

Trevor Weeks, Founder
East Sussex WRAS

- END -

Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, Director, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958

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